Every career professional must reinforce his or her expertise and academic or vocational qualifications with continued professional development (CPD). In fact CPD obligations are common to most professions.

RISC helps practitioners in the region by providing them with opportunities to take time out from their busy schedules and participate in events designed to maintain and broaden their knowledge and skills related to their professional lives.

Every year we hold a number of seminars and workshops bringing in guest speakers and trainers on a wide range of topics and subjects within the risk, insurance and wealth management domains. The trainers are provided by our international partners and organisations that are recognised globally as specialists in their business.These seminars and workshops attract practitioners from technical levels right up to senior managers and C-level officers and have specific learning outcomes and bottom line benefits for the participants and their employers.

Most of our CPD facilities are currently events that are to be physically attended. However watch this space for new facilities that will enable practitioners to complete their CPD requirements online

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