This new single-unit qualification is designed specifically for non-UK financial advisers and insurance agents working in the banking sector.

It provides a solid grounding in the relevant core financial, life assurance and insurance products, and offers guidance on what constitutes sound professional practice, thereby providing a framework for ethical behaviour.


At the end of this unit, candidates will be able to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding in the following areas:

  • main elements of the financial services and insurance industry as it relates to the Bancassurance sector;
  • the main insurance products;
  • savings and investment products;
  • retirement planning products;
  • the importance of the client fact find and how to identify client needs;
  • what constitutes good client practice;
  • ethical considerations of a financial adviser.

The Award is open to anyone working in the insurance and financial services sector irrespective of educational background or experience.

The Award is particularly suitable for non-UK financial advisers and insurance agents working in the banking sector and operating in either a regulated or non-regulated environment.

  • Upon completion CII members will be eligible to apply to use the designation ‘CII (Award)’. Continuing Professional Development requirements apply. 
  • Award holders also gain 15 CII credits at certificate level for further studies with the CII.
This course is offered in English or Arabic.
Thirty hours of structured classroom learning with tutor interaction, courseware, quizzes, case studies and practice examination. 

Trainees should complete a further 50 hours of private study before attempting the examination.

Two hour online multiple-choice questions consisting of 100 Multiple Choice Questions. 70% pass mark.

The Award is a single course award.

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